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Monday, 4 January 2010

Giant tongue almost kills dog

04 January 2010 16:30 PM

A dog in Scotland almost died after an accident left her with a giant tongue.

Family pet Penny almost suffocated when her tongue swelled to four times its normal size following a bizarre accident.

The pooch was tucking into to her favourite treat - a pig's heart - when part of the dead animal's aorta became stuck around the base of her tongue.

As her mouth muscle started to swell, the 18-year-old animal frantically clawed at her face to try and free it.

Penny's owner Linda Donnelly rushed the animal to a pet hospital in Glasgow.

Vet Dermot Mullen said: "I am just pleased I was able to save her. The prognosis was not at all good."

Linda added: "Pigs' hearts are now completely off the menu!"


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