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Friday, 8 January 2010

'Scary' internet plot to disrupt live TV ghost-hunter show sparks security alert

By Daily Mail Reporter
8 January 2010

A bizarre plot to disrupt a live TV ghost show and even attack its presenter has been uncovered.
Bloggers on a so-called 'urban exploration' website were caught discussing plans to wreck tomorrow's opening edition of 'Most Haunted'.

The show is being broadcast every evening for the next seven days from a deserted RAF base in Norfolk.

The episode - called The Silent Town - is expected to focus on ghosts and spirits said to haunt RAF West Raynham, which lost 86 planes during bombing raids and attacks on Nazis.

Fronted by ex-Blue Peter presenter Yvette Fielding, the show on Living TV is watched by more than half a million viewers.

But after Most Haunted announced its new location for the January show, bloggers on an urban exploration site quickly hatched a plan to turn the tables on the programme.

Urban explorers sneak into disused buildings - from manor houses to military bases and closed down mental institutions - and take photos of the site before posting the pictures online and describing the site.

But in a new twist, a group of the explorers - who are well-acquainted with the layout of RAF West Raynham - said they wanted use their knowledge of the site to 'scare the s***' out of the presenters live on TV.

One called dangerous dave even offered a pint of beer to anyone who smacks Yvette Fielding.

He said on the blog: 'If someone does a hit on that dippy cow in Most Haunted (Yvette Fielding) there's a pint in it.'

Another said: 'Right - lets go f*** with them and don our white sheets.'

One member, calling himself ukmayhem, asked the blog: 'Is it illegal to disrupt live filming?'

Another added: 'I'd be right up for messing with their show, its such bulls***. We are currently working on a plan.'

A reply on the same thread stated: 'We really should arrange to sneak in and scare the s*** out of them - what's the best options for spooking the spook-hunters?'

One blogger branded the Most Haunted team 'w******', adding: 'I am gutted that Most Haunted are going to ruin the place.'

In 2006 filming on Most Haunted was cancelled after three members of the crew were 'slashed by an unseen force' on their backs an legs as they investigated underground vaults in Edinburgh on Halloween.

And former presenter Derek Acorah was regularly 'possessed' by phantoms and even 'pulled down a mineshaft' by a spirit during a live episode in West Yorkshire in 2005.

RAF Raynham has two runways, four hangars and a watch tower which was used to direct bombing missions to Germany.

Until 1994 the base was used as a summer training camp for soldiers, but in the past 16 years it has fallen into a state of total disrepair and was sold by the Ministry of Defence in 2005 to a private housing contractor.

The 160-acre site, however, remains a deserted wasteland with remnants of it's past history strewn all over the base.

The interactive live show, presented by Yvette Fielding on location and by Paul Ross in the studio, uses demonologists and historians to explain to viewers what is going on.

Viewers can also access four webcams and report ghostly happenings to the studio online.

A spokesman for Living TV said today that they were aware of the plans and that security was now 'tight'.

She added: 'Disruption to the live show will be almost impossible.'

(Submitted by Dave McMann)

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