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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Police Investigate Cougar Sighting In Minneapolis

Jan 11, 2010 10:23 pm US/Central

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Police are investigating another possible cougar sighting in Minneapolis.

When Norm Mosher was driving home from work Monday morning, he saw what he thought was a golden retriever crossing the road in Northeast Minneapolis near along St. Anthony Parkway near Marshall Avenue.

It was only when the long-time outdoorsman got up close that he realized it was a cat by the way it walked. Its long tail was swinging.

"Cats move in a more sultry manner I guess, people call it slinking," said Mosher. "I call it sauntering."

He drove a little ways but decided to turn back around and check the tracks. He found typical cat's tracks -- no claw marks and a line where the tail hit the ground.

"I'm terribly surprised, terribly surprised," he said. "We're out here in the middle of Minneapolis."

Mosher told police, who wanted to issue a warning. Although cougar attacks on humans are very rare, Minneapolis Police Sergeant Jesse Garcia asked the people who live in the area keep an eye out.

"If you're jogging down this trail early morning or if you've got small children in you're neighborhood, this thing might make it into the neighborhood," he said. He asked if anyone sees a cougar to call police.

The police called the DNR, who have not yet confirmed the tracks. Last month, there were sightings of a cougar in Champlin, Stillwater and Vadnais Heights.

The DRN warns that if you get close to a cougar, don't turn and run. Rather, back away slowly, puff up your body to appear intimidating and offer it an escape route. Cougars are very solitary animals and will likely run away.

(Submitted by Matt Cardier)

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